New NDA Work

The recent work I’ve done as a freelancerĀ I can’t share digitally since it’s still not available to the public and I’m under NDA. I can only provide a top level description of some of these project until they are made public. You can look at the slideshow above for a highlight of the type of work I’ve done so far.

I’ve worked on a strategic research project for a major city in The United Arab Emirates – understanding how to improve the citizens lives through various interaction platforms. Another was for a major car manufacturer and launching a product through long term community engagement in 3 major cities (Asia, Europe and US). Lastly I worked on a service for a major US mobile carrier where we had eliminate painpoints and completely redefine their shopping experience and switching from one carrier to another.

I did interviews, research, insights and strategy for all these projects, and concepts/wireframes for the mobile carrier

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