About me


Area of Expertise: User research, Strategy, user experience, service design, programming/prototyping.

I’m currently living in Downtown Los Angeles and working as freelance design consultant.


In late 2010 I finished the Interaction design programme at Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design (CIID) and I have a BA in informations studies from Aarhus Unviersity; a mix of communication, sociology and programming. Basically how computers/technology affects people and society. During my Bachelor degree, I went to Stockholm to study at the Royal Institute of Technology and at Stockholm University. Here, I did some hands-on courses and realised that this approach appealed much more to me. This is where I had my first encounter with interaction design and was immediately blown away. After my BA I tried to pursue this field and became an intern at the Danish interaction design firm Shiftcontrol were I did research and prototyping. At the same time I was an intern at Social Action, a consultancy that have specialised in user driver innovation and sustainability and I mostly did research and analysis.

At CIID I learned more than I could ever dream of. We did a lot of hands on prototyping, user centered research and service design, and generally just thinking by doing. A full time 12 month post gradute degree with students and faculty from all over the world.

I know Java, PHP, AS3, Processing and Arduino, and I’m pretty quick at picking up new programming languages. I know how to use Illustrator/photoshop etc, but must confess that I’m not a graphic designer. I do know a lot about usability, workflows and holistic thinking on the other hand.

This was just a short introduction about myself. Feel free to contact me if you want to know more. You can also download my CV here

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